Indoor workouts Made Simple

Turbo Crank is a collection of software-based workouts that simplifies indoor cycling by illustrating the workout step by step. All you need is an indoor trainer and a PC or Mac. No internet connection required. No ANT+ required. No monthly fee!

Try Turbo Crank V.3 (Beta)!

Works on all tablets and OS platforms!

Here's what you will get when you
purchase Turbo Crank iC2

Window and Mac

  • 7 Week Indoor Cycling Program
  • 3 Workouts Per Week
  • Step by step, easy to follow instructions illustrated visually on your computer
  • A Detailed Manual with instructions on all 21 workouts (Click here for a preview)
  • Tips to make your indoor cycling workout successful
  • Clear and easy to understand explanations of heart rate zones and rate of perceived exertion
  • The official Turbo Crank Contract to make your indoor cycling a success
  • FREE Lactate Threshold
    Heart Rate Test
  • Mac or PC Compatible
  • All this for only $24.99

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"I've been using the workouts. It's great, and I recommend it to anyone as an easy way to get some structure."

"Turbo Crank is a simple, yet highly effective program with everything you’ll need for making your trainer workouts more productive."

"The layout is intelligent and the workouts are keeping my interest."

"I was on the verge of buying a few Spinervals but am happy with your program so you saved me a boatload of $$."